My latest book is yours

I’d like to give you my Why Not You book. It’s in print on Amazon, but I’d like to give it to you free as a download. Why? Because this way I can guide you whether or not we ever talk, or meet.


P.S. I’ve been known to send printed copies free for the cost of shipping to those who ask. Why? Because I’m into guiding not selling books.

The Why Not You Path! is simple:
Open and feed your accounts
Choose how much money you want to live on
Line up your life to build the wealth you need
Open and feed your accounts.

What accounts?
Investment accounts. Investing is the way to make your money make more money. 

The most common investment accounts are Roth IRA, 401k, and my favorite, the Personal Investment Account (PIA). All three of these accounts have their place, and here’s why the Personal Investment Account (Joint Account if you’re married) is my favorite:

  • Access. You have access to your money at any time, without penalty.

  • No limit. You can put in and take out as much money as you want.

  • Taxed at lowest rate. When you take out money from your PIA, you are taxed at the Capital Gain’s rate, which is currently the lowest tax bracket.

  • Anytime retirement without penalty. If you want to retire before 59 ½, you can do it without penalty.

How do you open investment accounts? 
You open investment accounts through your employer or a financial services advisor. I recommend an advisor who uses an academic, science-based approach. Your advisor will help you fit your investments to your goals. 

Some financial advisors, like me, are registered, meaning they meet the highest industry standards through rigorous training and quarterly audits.

How do you feed investment accounts?
Make it easy on yourself with automatic contributions directly from your bank account. 

Choose how much money you want to live on.

This stops many people from investing. They don’t know how much money they want to live on in the future. If this is you, simply choose a figure that is close to what you earn now, or expect to be earning at your peak earning years.

Everything can be adjusted, so just begin. It’s too costly to wait. Check this out.

For some added thoughts, see What’s Your Buffalo?

Line up your life to build the wealth you need.

This simply means you adjust the way you think, play, and spend so you can keep your commitment to yourself to have more than enough money now and for the rest of your life.

Whether we know it or not, we all adjust to make what we want happen. If it matters to you to replace your paycheck before retirement, or have enough to flip houses as a side hustle, or buy a cabin next to a stream and weave tapestries after you retire, you will adjust how you live now so you can make what you want happen.

People around you are doing this right now and having a really great life. I recall packing up the kids and going camping rather than going to a resort for vacations in order to keep our commitment to investing in our future. We had a blast because it was being together that mattered. It felt good, and it feels good now knowing we did it. 

Others do it. Why Not You!