Lettin & Company

I formed Lettin & Company to offer the precise kind of services, education, activities, and long-term relationships I dreamed of clients enjoying. After all these years, I’m still totally into it. So is our team.

We build the wealth of individuals, families, and corporations using a proven academic, science-based approach to investing. 

At the core of our system of investing is the Nobel-award winning science developed in 1952 by Harry Markowitz. He and Merlon Miller and William Sharpe received the coveted prize in 1990. They changed the traditional financial services industry forever and removed all gambling and speculation from the investing process. The science was used by money managers of the super wealthy for decades, and recently it has been applied to mainstream investing.

Investment Services

Individual. We will help build income streams from your non-retirement and retirement accounts including:

Roth and IRA's
Individual and Joint Accounts
Custodial Accounts

The goal is living life on your terms.

Corporate. We manage corporate accounts and can advise on how to rollover retirement accounts from previous employers. Corporate accounts include:

401K and Roth 401K Accounts
SEP and SIMPLE Accounts
Retained Earnings

If you’re searching for a specific service not listed below, please contact us and we will help.

NW Investment 
 Services Center

This is a complimentary service that helps anyone, clients or not, bring their papers in and get the help they need to connect the dots and get it done.

This service is a direct result of a conversation at one of our workshops. A man expressed frustration that there wasn’t a place to get help pulling everything together, so we created it.

We welcome you to come to the table and connect your financial dots. Again, no cost. Our pleasure.

Not near us? Give us a call.
We'll walk you through it.


We believe an educated client is a dedicated client. In other words, it is easier to begin investing and sticking with your commitment when you understand. Our clients are students of the art of investing. 

We offer frequent investment and financial workshops for our clients, their family and friends, and the community.

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Each quarter we host an activity for the pure fun of getting together. Clients and their guests have enjoyed activities such as:

Winery Tours

Investing is a life-long commitment, so my clients and I are in it long-term.

I take on their dream and guide them to it, adjusting and refocusing as we go. It's a relationship and a role I love.

I have shown them how to

Step away from people and methods that drag them down and keep them losing money, sleep and hope;

Prepare for random market fluctuations, not try to control them;

Be serious investors without losing their sense of humor; and,

Take a certain economic stance that lets them dance on the bottom line rather than be buried under it.

It’s a different world, here.

And I love every minute of it!