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A Guide to
Replacing Your Income

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We want you to make smart investment decisions about building your wealth.
The Earlier, the Better

Will waiting to invest cost you in the long run? No doubt about it.


Assume you plan to retire at age 65 with $1 million in assets.
How much would you need to save each month at different age levels, assuming your investments earned a 7% rate of return?

Age 20
Age 30
Age 40
Age 50
The bottom line:

The earlier you start investing, the less you’ll need to invest. It’s the magical power of compounding, widely recognized as the “only free lunch in investing”.

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Four Critical Estate Planning Documents
Power of attorney

A power of attorney allows you to appoint someone to make legal decisions on your behalf. That person could be a trusted friend, family member, or an experienced professional. Having a power of attorney is crucial in the event you become ill or disabled to the point where you can no longer make decisions yourself.

Your will/Your trust

A will states how you want your belongings distributed after you die. Without a will, a judge will determine how to divvy up your property. Not having a will can also have adverse tax consequences.

If you do not want your estate to go through the public hearing of probate, consider a Living Trust. A Living Trust can act as a will substitute and pass your assets to your heirs.

medical directives

Advance medical directives includes living wills, medical power of attorney, HIPPA release forms, and other directives relating to your health. All of these documents allow you to legally express your preference for how to be treated if you become terminally ill.

Letter of

A Letter of Instructions gives your loved ones important information about financial and personal matters. You don't need an attorney to prepare it, and while it doesn't carry the legal weight of a will, your Letter of Instructions will clarify any special requests you want carried out after your death.

Estate planning is the process of securing and simplifying your family's future after you're gone. It's the best way to ensure your loved ones receive what you have worked so hard to earn. It's also a critical part of establishing your legacy.

Proper estate planning requires you to make certain decisions well in advance. Each of these four critical documents should be a part of your estate plan.

Lettin & Company, Inc. does not offer tax planning or legal services but may provide references to tax services or legal providers. Lettin & Company, Inc. may also work with your attorney or independent tax or legal counsel. Please consult a qualified professional for assistance with these matters.

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