Why Not You!

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Investing is about building wealth you can live off of long before retirement”.

That’s the premise of our approach to investing — and of Robert Lettin’s latest book, Why Not You!, an easy-to-read guide to replacing your paycheck sooner than later.

Why Not You

Robert wrote Why Not You! to help people become wealthy enough to live without working for a paycheck. As he explains, the path to success is simple:

Open and
feed your accounts.

You have great options like Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans and personal investment accounts.

Choose how much
money you want to live on.

Don’t let this step intimidate you — determining a target is less complicated than you may think.

Line up your life to
build the wealth you need.

Adjust the way you think, play and spend so you can keep your commitment to yourself to have more than enough money now and for the rest of your life.

Others replace their paycheck sooner than later, so why not you? If having that kind of freedom appeals to you, be sure to check out Why Not You!