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In Case You Missed It

Robert presented insightful information on investing in our current economic state and left clients feeling optimistic and reassured. Here are the main points Robert discussed:


The only problems our engineered portfolios have, are people problems.

People have a remarkable ability to sabotage their own wealth. This is mostly accomplished through fear. Fear of the market. Fear of Politics. Fear of not having enough money.

Asset Allocation determines 91.5% of your portfolio returns - not stock picking or market timing.

Asset Allocation has three main asset classes- Stocks/equities, Bonds/fixed income and cash. Market Timing Doesn’t Work. Miss five of the best trading days out of 5,040 (10 years) and the value of your portfolio could drop by 30 percent as compare to if you would have just stayed invested.

Systematic rebalancing helps manage risk, manage volatility and increase returns.

You can build expected returns from a well engineered portfolio. Current stock market movements are normal. Do not worry. We will be fine.

We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you may have or dive deeper into our philosophy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Robert Lettin