I'm Robert Lettin

registered financial advisor and money manager to individual investors and families.

I absolutely love my work.

I enjoy turning non-investors and stressed investors into stress-free investors who are building their version of wealth to pay for their version of life.

Like many of you, I came to my work in a roundabout way.

I like the path I took because it was not only right for me, it makes me a better advisor - and person

Before I began my investment career in 1987 with Smith Barney in Medford, Oregon, I was a young Hollywood actor on sets with legends like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino. I became interested in the production end of things and became an Assistant Producer for CBS affiliate evening newscast in Salt Lake City at KUTV.  I liked making things happen behind the scenes, so I jumped on the opportunity to go to Capitol Hill as Press Secretary and Foreign Affairs Liaison to Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder (D-Colo).

These experiences put me face to face with the role money plays in big dreams, and I also saw how a lack of money keeps people from realizing them.

I became interested in learning more about money, and specifically, investing. A dream was born in me to make wealth happen for clients so they can have the freedom to live like they want and pursue the dreams that interest them.

From Smith Barney, I became Vice President of Bank of California’s Investment Division in Portland. In 1997, I joined the investment firm of Strand, Atkinson, Williams and York and soon after I fulfilled my dream of having my own firm, Lettin & Company, based in Portland, Oregon.

Education and training

As for education, I hold a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MBA in Finance from City University in Seattle.

I am a Registered Advisor, which means I and my firm go through regular and rigorous quality checks. My work is fee-based.

To learn more, or talk with me, please reach out to me on the Contact Page or email me at robert@lettinandcompany.com.

My Manifesto

I am Robert Lettin, Investment advisor, mentor, and educator to re-invented, confident, happy people who are paving their way to wealth in a way they didn’t know was possible.

They used to get caught up over

who to trust
where to invest
and what would happen if it all turned to dust

Not anymore. They invest differently now.

They tune out the noise on the news.

They don’t chase performance. 

They don’t buy and sell constantly.

They use passive management with their end game in mind.

They put their money where the science is, economic science.

This science removes the gambling, speculating and emotion from the investing process.

And it won the Noble Prize in 1990.

It is a wonder of the financial world and the secret that has rocked the world of my clients, everyday people who believe in themselves and prize intelligent alternatives.