Lettin & Company, Inc. is dedicated to helping investors like you get organized around your income. We help you supplement your income before retirement and then help you replace that income at retirement.
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Robert’s Story

Robert Lettin is the son of Charles Lettin, who had a long career in the U.S. Navy, and Geraldine McCaleb, who worked as an interior designer at Sears & Roebuck.

After retiring from the Navy in Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Charles worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, directing traffic at the Honolulu International Airport. While in Hawaii, Robert along with his brothers and sisters became junior Olympic swimmers.

The family later moved to Denver, Colorado, where they lived on a 50-acre ranch raising cattle, riding horses and gathering chicken eggs for breakfast.

Today, Robert is the President of Lettin & Company, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor Firm. He has an MBA with an emphasis in Financial Management and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism.

Lettin & Company, Inc.

Robert began his career in the investment field joining Smith, Barney, Harris and Upham in 1987. Three years later, he became Assistant Vice President of the Investment Division at the Bank of California. Before joining the bank, he had an investment news segment on Channel 8 in Portland, Oregon.

In 1998, Lettin & Company, Inc., became an independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm. In 2019, the firm moved to its current location to Lake Oswego, Oregon.

“We help people build income streams they may never outlive”.