Others do it,
why not you!

What do others do? They make
their own version of wealth happen.

Find out how
What do others do? 

They make their own version of wealth happen.

What’s their own version of wealth?

It’s their version of life with a stream of money to pay for it - during and after a paycheck.

How do they make it happen?

They have a general idea of the version of life they want and begin building the stream of money they need to pay for it. They don’t wait until all the details are in.

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They get their head around the idea of wealth.

Wealth is one of those words that either turns you on or off. People who make their own version of wealth happen are clear on what the idea of wealth means for them.

Wealth and greed. Do you think wealth and greed go together? Lots of people do. I used to think that until I met a greedy poor person. It taught me that wealth has nothing to do with greed. Greed isn’t a money thing, it’s a character thing. It’s about who a person is, not what they have. Greed makes rich and poor people do ugly things, but wealth can do great things in the hands of non-greedy people. 

Are you greedy? My guess is you’re not, which leads me to suggest that wealth is safe with you.

Wealth and your comfort zone. Can you relate to the idea of being wealthy? Many people can’t. It’s completely out of their comfort zone to think of themselves as wealthy - at least in terms of money. I get it. I used to feel that way and then I realized wealth and I could be used in the same sentence IF I revised my definition of what wealth is. So I did. I decided, for me, wealth is about having enough to pay for the kind of generous, interesting life that mattered to me.

What kind of generous, interesting life matters to you and how much money do you need to pay for it during and after your years of getting a paycheck? That’s all wealth is. It’s enough to pay for your life, as simple or luxurious as you want it to be.

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Top traits of those who know and   understand their version of wealth.
They see themselves as Investors.

There’s a difference between investing and being an Investor. The first is something you do; the second is something you are. Investors own their role as wealth-builders and enjoy it.

They keep it simple.

They make their version of wealth happen by keeping it simple. They use tools. Just like they use tools to make their version of a cabinet to hold their collection of beer bottles, they make their own version of wealth with tools that build their stream of money.

They fit their habits to what matters.

They enjoy life, spend money, go places, and give to worthy causes on a scale that makes their version of short- and long-term wealth possible.

I remember in my earlier years packing the family up to go camping in the summers because it was a lot of fun and a whole lot cheaper than a trip to Disneyland. In time, Disney became possible because our spending habits paid off in extra money. 

You may or may not need to trim the extravagance of your vacations or other adventures in order to invest, but if you do, remember fun can cost a lot, a little, or nothing.

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